Classroom Libraries for Independent Reading

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   Hexagramm Books has listened to the overwhelming need for pre-assembled sets of leveled books for dual language immersion classrooms.  To meet this need, we have curated a collection of books bundled by level called Classroom Libraries:

  • Available at all guided reading levels, A to Z,
  • Bundles are in EnglishSpanish and French,
  • Books are bundled into sets of 12 or 25 titles,
  • Available in bundles of either fiction or non-fiction
By purchasing our largest sets of fiction and nonfiction, your students will have 50 individual titles to choose from.  Our bundles come pre-sorted, pre-labeled, and include a corresponding book bin for each level.  Designed with ease-of-use in mind, all that's needed is to unbox and shelve (book bin included!) upon delivery. 

Like you, we know books need to be carefully leveled to make the greatest impact.  We work with a dual language immersion consultant to re-evaluate the lowest levels, and categorize each text to reflect its true reading level.  All in all, we've leveled over 3000 titles (and counting!).

We also know that student progress depends on exposure to a variety of print.  That's why we've scouted dozens of leveled book publishers to offer students a range of topics, stories, and cultural perspectives.  Wherever possible, we've added authentic literature from Spanish-speaking countries. 

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